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Your customers want comfort, convenience and connectivity — and Resideo is here to help you adapt and grow with your customers, day to day and year to year. From sleek devices to innovative apps and services, the smart home partners below provide solutions that integrate with the Honeywell Home ecosystem to further enhance the comfort, safety, and convenience of Resideo. View the compatibility chart for an at-a-glance overview.

Google Home

Play your favorite tunes, ask questions, and manage your smart home devices, including your Honeywell Home thermostat. Learn more about Google Home.

Apple HomeKit

The T6 Pro Smart and second generation Round™ Smart Thermostat is compatible with Apple® HomeKit™. HomeKit is Apple’s connected technology used to seamlessly integrate and control HomeKit devices in a customer’s home from their mobile device. For more information on HomeKit, please visit Apple’s website.

Samsung SmartThings

The second generation Round™ Smart Thermostat is compatible with Samsung® SmartThings™, letting your customers enable comfort control directly from their SmartThings app.

Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, set my temperature to 72 degrees." The Round™ Smart Thermostat, T6 Pro Smart and Total Connect Comfort thermostats are now compatible with Amazon Alexa®. So now with voice and the Alexa App, your customers can remotely control their thermostat and automate their connected home devices. Learn more about Amazon Alexa. Learn more about Amazon Alexa.


Through Honeywell Home and IFTTT integration, your customers can automatically link and manage their Honeywell Home connected thermostats with simple DIY "recipes." Customers can visit the Honeywell Home Connected Thermostat Channel to create and set recipes that will activate custom features and scenarios. Works with a variety of Honeywell Home connected thermostats, including the new T6 Pro.


Homeowners with Honeywell Home T5, T6, T9 or T10 Pro Smart Thermostats can simply say, “I’m hot” or “I’m cold” into the Savant Pro Remote to trigger a 2-degree adjustment of the temperature setting in addition to control via voice or Savant’s touchscreen Pro Remote and Pro 8 app.

Panasonic Home Network

Combine the Panasonic Home Network with a connected thermostat – a great way for your customers to stay comfortable and enjoy anytime, anywhere home control on their smartphones.


Zonoff uses Honeywell Home APIs to enhance their certified device ecosystem and consumer Internet of Things software platform that enables interoperability, empowering you to deliver smart, seamless living to your customers.


Wink is the simpler way to a smarter home. By using Honeywell Home APIs, Wink connects Honeywell Home thermostats to hundreds of other smart products around the home and brings them all together in a simple, easy-to-use app. Customers can connect their thermostat to their Wink account and automate settings with other devices. In addition, customers can change the setpoint and mode. Wink hub not required.


Through Honeywell Home APIs, customers of Logitech Harmony remotes and app can monitor their thermostat status, adjust modes, and program specific temperature settings for each one-touch Harmony Activity.


EnergyHub's software platform allows your customers to enroll Honeywell Home thermostats in utility programs designed to keep the grid reliable, prevent blackouts, and keep the lights on. For participating, customers can earn bill credits and other incentives.

Compass Control

Combined with Honeywell Home APIs, Compass Control® provides an innovative experience for your customers seeking safety and comfort in their businesses and homes. Compass Control is the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple’s iOS devices as its backbone. Whether it’s monitoring security, adjusting climate, or controlling audio/video, your customers will always be in control.


Unikey powers a new integration between Kwikset Kevo and Honeywell Home connected thermostats. Homeowners gain convenience when they pair their Kevo and compatible Honeywell Home thermostats because they no longer have to remember to adjust their thermostats when they arrive or leave home.


Expand a Lutron® lighting control system beyond lights and shades, with temperature control. Check and adjust the temperature from anywhere on Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort thermostats using the Lutron app for Caséta Wireless.

Simple Control

Simple Control's world-class control system joins with the power of Honyewell Home API to create an automation-control tool that's compatible with Total Connect Comfort thermostats.


Integrate the second generation Round™ Smart Thermostat with Myknock for a unified and connected home experience. You can manage multiple devices from a single dashboard and selectively share services with family members.

Clare Controls

Clare Controls delivers a simple intuitive app personalized for iOS and Android devices so a consumer can stay connected to their home. Clare connects to Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort thermostats and thousands of other products, and it integrates these different technologies within your home so they all work together.


Stringify enhances your customer’s connected life. By connecting their Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort thermostat, Round™ Smart Thermostat, T6 Pro Smart Thermostat and Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector to Stringify, they can build powerful automation experiences. Customers can manage both their digital services and smart devices while automating them to do whatever they want. All from one single app.


The Yonomi app plays well with all Honeywell Home connected thermostats along with over 60 other smart home devices. The Round™ Smart Thermostat, T6 Pro Smart Thermostat, and Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector thermostats can be controlled by your customer as part of any Yonomi Routine.


Control your smart thermostat from your Control4 system, which integrates your whole smart home together.


STRATIS integration with Honeywell Home devices provides Property Management Teams and developers the ability to install IoT devices, with accounts held at the property level, while providing Residents pass-through access as they move-in.

Product Compatibility

Total Comfort App   Honeywell Home App
Works with Total Connect Comfort Integrator Works with Honeywell Home
Google Home
- apple Homekit
Samsung SmartThings
Amazon Alexa®
- SAVANT T-Series Only
Panasonic -
Zonoff -
Staples Connect -
Wink -
Logitech -
Energyhub -
Compass control -
Unikey -
Lutron Caseta With Apple® HomeKit
Simple Control -
- Myknock*
Clare Controls
- Connect4