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W1 Wi-Fi Water and Freeze Detector

Water Leak Alert

Audible alerts protect against costly water damage.

Product Description

  • Reduced risk of water damage thanks to audible alerts
  • Can connect to the Prestige® IAQ with an EIM module so alerts can pop up on the Prestige thermostat itself and homeowners can contact a contractor immediately
  • Excellent upsell opportunity since homeowners replacing a leaky water heater are more likely to have a Water Leak Alert installed at the same time
  • Water leak cable is reusable after detecting an incident
  • Includes a 5-ft water sensing cable that detects water through entire length of cable
  • Battery life is up to 5 years without incident, making maintenance virtually nonexistent
  • Can be used on multiple applications across the home
  • Can be hardwired to self-powered water heaters with Honeywell Home gas valves to turn the main burner off when a water leak is detected
  • Simply mount the unit to the side of the water heater or place by another water source prone to leaks
  • Flexible design that works with various applications and installations (with or without drain pans)
  • Additional cables and sensors available for expanded coverage

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