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AMX300 Mixing Valve Kit

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AMX300, AMX300T
More profits per job. More jobs per day. That's what you'll enjoy with the new Honeywell Home AMX300 Mixing Valve Kit. It installs in as little as 15 minutes to lower labor costs and requires fewer additional parts. It all adds up to one simple fact: you'll make more money on every water heater installation when you make the switch to AMX300 Mixing Valve kits.
  • New design requires a maximum of two sweat connections
  • Requires fewer additional parts than previous models
  • Packaged in a handy kit - with everything needed for installation
  • Meets ASSE 1017 standards
  • Now available in Low-Lead-Content version
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Because the AMX300 requires fewer additional parts and a maximum of two sweat connections, its fast installation and lower labor cost
leads to more profits per job. Just do the math and you'll see how instantly profitable AMX300 Mixing Valves Kits can be.
It's (almost) No Sweat.
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