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T10 Pro Smart with RedLINK Room Sensor

T10 Pro Smart with RedLINK Room Sensor

Prioritizing comfort where it matters most

Product Description

  • Communicates with RedLINK™ Room Sensors* to extend reach of thermostat beyond the hallway, up to 200 feet**
  • Controls humidification, dehumidification or ventilation
  • Determine a desired temperature and select specific rooms to prioritize; or allow sensors to prioritize rooms based on motion detection. ***
  • Energy savings through time-based scheduling and geofencing
  • Multi-room display allows homeowners to see the temperature of priority rooms at a glance
  • Connects to Wi-Fi, giving homeowners control through Honeywell Home app and integrated voice technologies. No RedLINK internet gateway required.
  • Works with Honeywell Home partners like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (more coming soon)
  • Easy wiring with the UWP Mounting System that's standard across all T Series thermostats
  • 3H/2C Heat Pump + 2H/2C Conventional
  • Dual fuel compatible
  • Geofencing, 7-day, 5-2, 5-1-1, 1 or non-programmable
  • Demand Response program availability
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • UL 60730
  • 5-year warranty
  • Check out the full T Series lineup

RedLINK™ Room Sensor

  • Extends the reach of the T10 thermostat beyond the hallway
  • 200-ft. range from sensor to thermostat**
  • Senses temperature, humidity and motion
  • Signal strength transmits reliably through most building materials
  • Up to 20 sensors can be connected per thermostat
  • 5-year warranty

*Communicates to RedLINK™ Room Sensors (C7189R2002-2) only via RedLINK™ wireless technology, for a strong, uninterrupted connection between devices. No RedLINK™ Internet Gateway required.

**Range can vary based on home construction, wireless interference, and other factors.

***Note there is only one setpoint for heating, and only one setpoint for cooling. Motion detection does not change programmed setpoints.