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The First Digital Universal Oil Primary with a Built-In Diagnostic Display. Universal Digital Oil Primary - R7284U1004

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R7284U1004 Universal Digital Oil Primary
The R7284U1004 universal digital oil primary helps you find and fix problems fast thanks to a built-in diagnostic display. With a simple setup right out of the package and universal compatibility, the R7284U1004 is the only digital oil primary you need.
  • Detailed Diagnostic Information – The “quick-fix” digital display delivers clear data designed to lead you to any problem, fast. Patent-pending technology determines and displays why a lockout has occurred, including lack of spark at the electrode, partially-functioning flame sense, line voltage dips and more.
  • Simple, Streamlined Set-up – Set-up is simpler than ever, requiring no external tools to access the set-up and diagnostic features, saving you additional costs. Everything is fully operational out of the package.
  • Multi-Faceted Monitoring – From cad cell and flame check to the voltage and the spark of the igniter, you can quickly tell how everything is functioning and, in case of a failure, which component is faulty ensuring the right part is fixed the first time.
  • Memory and Error History – The R7284 lets you keep track of system quality by accessing memory data that gives you clear picture of day-to-day performance. The error history capability defines when and how the controller encountered problems, and helps maintain knowledge when there is more than one technician involved in servicing the unit.
  • EnviraCOM™ Connection – The R7284 can fully integrate into any EnviraCOM communications systems, allowing for remote monitoring with a simple 3-wire connection.
  • Recessed Wiring Pocket - to allow more space in tight junction box installations.
  • Works seamlessly with power venters without integral timers.
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