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The new way to see, solve and sell IAQ solutions

Air: The untapped home opportunity

When it comes to business opportunities, the potential upside for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions is huge. It’s expected to be a $15 billion market by 2022.** Many technicians are unsure of how to best address air quality issues with homeowners, which can cause some HVAC companies to miss out on significant new revenues.

The Resideo AirCycle Program is here to change everything – starting with the conversations your techs have with homeowners about their air quality.


Moving from health scares to data-driven control

Many IAQ selling strategies have focused on health-scare tactics and vague diagnoses such as warnings about asthma or mold. But this approach can lead to homeowner skepticism, and quickly take your technicians out of their comfort zone of focusing on HVAC challenges and solutions.

The Resideo AirCycle Program helps your techs confidently reframe the air quality conversation around real data that can be measured and controlled, to help restore optimal home comfort. The system monitors these six essential air quality factors:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Air particles
  • Humidity
  • Odors and smells
  • Temperature


The data does the talking 

After just 30 minutes, the system generates an easy-to-read report that’s instantly available, illustrating the condition of the home’s air. Now, instead of struggling with indoor air quality conversation starters, your techs can simply point to the areas of the report that highlight which air quality factors are beyond the expected ranges, and guide the homeowner through the recommended Honeywell Home solutions.



Revenues today and tomorrow

Armed with this reliable, customized data from the AirCycle Pro Monitor, your techs can build tiered recommendations of Honeywell Home solutions, starting with the air quality factors most out of the “control” ranges. Some issues may be handled that same day, but others can be solved in follow-up service calls, creating ongoing sales opportunities for your business.

Plus, as a manager, you can leverage the program’s Opportunity Dashboard, which helps you make better business decisions by providing:

  • Revenue forecasting to help you manage sales goals
  • Technician comparison reports for goal setting and performance tracking
  • Localized trend analysis to give you direct insight into common homeowner needs


In-depth training builds selling confidence 

The AirCycle Program includes in-depth online and in-person training sessions, coaching your technicians on how to successfully use the monitor, interpret reports for homeowners and make recommendations with confidence. They’ll learn how to build IAQ opportunities into every conversation with every customer, to drive short-term sales and also create long-term relationships that add value to your business.



Use data to change the IAQ conversation! Contact your Resideo Sales Representative to learn more or reach out if you’d like to schedule a training session near you 

**Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), 2017