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What’s new, now and next: Meet the superstar solutions of Fall 2019

It’s that time of year… summer is officially over, and depending on where you live, heating season might just be getting started. The great thing about the Fall 2019 solutions is that they’re a great addition to your product offering at any time of the year – helping you drive additional business opportunities no matter the month or season.


Superstar #1: The Buoy® Whole Home Water Controller

Comfort pros are all too familiar with the damage and destruction that can come from water leaks. In fact, water damage from leaks is the single biggest category of preventable insurance claims. The average insurance claim for water damage is $10,000, which adds up to a 10 billion-dollar-per-year problem in the U.S. alone.


Another challenge is water waste. Roughly 10 percent of household water is lost to leaks. When you also consider the fact that consumer water bills have gone up by more than 50 percent since 2010, there’s a big opportunity to help homeowners get smarter about where their water goes.


And that’s the beauty of the Buoy® Whole Home Water Controller. It’s part usage monitor and part electronic shut-off – all in one super-smart product.


The device contains a sophisticated flow sensor as well as the most advanced machine-learning technology on the market. It can detect even the smallest water flow and can alert homeowners through the Buoy app when there is unusual water activity.


If homeowners do get an abnormal usage alert, they can shut their water off right from the app. There’s also the option to pre-program water shut-off thresholds to ensure action will be taken even if the homeowner can’t respond right away.


Plus, homeowners can see exactly where their water goes with user-friendly trend data in the Buoy app. The device can determine how much water is being used by a dishwasher versus a shower versus a washing machine. Homeowners can also track their water usage over time, and that information can help them make smarter, more economical decisions.


The Buoy® Whole Home Water Controller must be installed by a licensed plumber, but it’s a pretty painless process for pros. It comes with all the necessary hardware for a standard install, though non-standard installs can usually be covered by fixtures and items already found on most trucks. It can be placed inside or outside the home and can run on a rechargeable battery that only needs to be charged once per year under normal use. This device is the smart-home water solution you’ve been waiting for, and it’s ideal for virtually every customer!


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Superstar #2: The Resideo AirCycle program

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) remains one of the biggest business-building opportunities in HVAC. The potential upside is huge, if you can convince homeowners to invest.


The challenge with traditional selling strategies that rely on health diagnoses (asthma!) or scare tactics (mold!!) is that they’re largely subjective. You might have HVAC credentials behind your name, but those credentials probably don’t include M.D. for Medical Doctor.


That’s where the Resideo AirCycle program comes in. It’s a business growth program that helps comfort pros reframe the IAQ conversation in an entirely new way – around meaningful, measurable data.


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That data is delivered by the AirCycle Pro Monitor, a sophisticated diagnostic device that measures 6 key IAQ indicators: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particles, humidity, odors and smells, and temperature. In about 30 minutes, while you’re finishing a repair or conducting maintenance, the monitor can run a scan and generate a homeowner-friendly report complete with product recommendations.


You can share the report with the homeowner and let the data speak for itself. What’s great is that you no longer have to “sell” IAQ. You simply have to educate and empower the homeowner with information and provide your expert guidance as needed.


The best part about the AirCycle program is that it’s built around an in-person training that will arm technicians with the tools, tips and conversation starters they need to build IAQ into every interaction with every customer and add additional value to each relationship.


Learn more about the Resideo AirCycle program and be sure to contact a Rep to sign up for a training near you!