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It’s the Year of the Pro

Consumers want a “smart home” but they need your help to make it happen.

Did you know that some industry experts are calling 2019 “The Year of the Pro”? Skyrocketing homeowner demand for smart home solutions, and the accompanying need to install them correctly, is creating an exciting opportunity for home comfort and home security specialists.

From DIY to Do It For Me

Nearly eight out of 10 home comfort professionals have seen an increase in smart home requests over the last year.1 Whether they want to add convenience, comfort or security to their lives or simply keep up with the Joneses, homeowners are on the hunt for these innovative connected solutions. In fact, the smart home technology market is projected to have a five-year compound annual growth rate of 20.8%.2

But many consumers – even the most ardent Do It Yourselfers – are uncertain when it comes to installing the devices themselves. In one study, 60% of consumers said they’d prefer that a professional install their connected thermostat or whole-home security system.3 Why? Because they believe:

  • It would be installed correctly so it would work properly and efficiently
  • They’d make a mistake if they installed it themselves

This perceived complexity of smart home devices and connectivity has led to a surge in the “Do It For Me” movement – creating a promising opportunity for home service experts like you to add to your customer base and sales, in multiple ways. In fact, 53% of professionals report a smart home project leading to a non-smart home project at least half of the time.1

Capitalize with Resideo products and resources

There’s no one better equipped to help consumers reach their smart home goals than you, the home comfort pro. And there’s no better partner for you than Resideo, and our Honeywell Home solutions. Team with us and:

  • Use our smart thermostats to tailor whole-home comfort to the specific spatial and scheduling needs of each homeowner
  • Use our IAQ solutions to optimize humidity levels, ventilation and air freshness throughout the home
  • Leverage our Homes University and other in-depth training resources to expand your smart home knowledge and improve your ability to meet customer needs

Contractors, this is your year! Be ready for every smart home request and sales opportunity with Resideo.

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