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Playing nice vs. choosing sides: How integration empowers ultimate connectivity

There’s a lot of  excitement around creating a smart home and helping homeowners simplify their lives by integrating devices. However, as we adopt more and more devices, they don’t always work flawlessly with one another.


Homeowners wooed with promises of easy, seamless experiences can end up feeling tied to one technology ecosystem or another, and frustrated that their devices and systems won’t work in harmony. Don’t worry — we’re here to help. There are ways to help your customers have better experiences.


Resideo to the rescue: Honeywell Home solutions with inclusive innovation

At Resideo, our vision is of a truly connected home – one that doesn’t take sides but, rather, plays nicely with all of today’s most popular ecosystems, smart home products and apps. And we reinforce that philosophy with solutions that help you bring comfort, security and simplicity to homeowners. With innovations not only on the wall, but behind the wall and in the cloud, we’re able to offer fully integrated smart home solutions unlike anyone else. We partner with tech leaders with different types of expertise for the sake of the homeowner, integration and inclusive innovation.



“We’re building out a full platform for the home — we’re not just a point solution. Our products are designed from day 1 to work together.”

-Scott Harkins, Vice President, Smart Home & Software, Resideo

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Integration in practice

Our connected philosophy allows you, the contractor and connected-home expert, to be the hero. Not only do you have the knowledge and expertise to give homeowners reliable, connected solutions, but you can offer Honeywell Home contractor-grade products and provide professional installation. Here’s what we’re most excited about when it comes to integrated solutions in 2019.


  1. Coming soon: T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with RedLINK™ Room Sensor

The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat* uses RedLINK™ Room Sensors to extend the thermostat’s temperature monitoring beyond the hallway, so customers can achieve a more ideal temperature in the important rooms in their home – like bedrooms and living spaces. Homeowners can select specific rooms they want to prioritize or choose to prioritize based on motion in active rooms.** The T10 can control humidification, dehumidification or ventilation and is only available through contractors like you — so when homeowners need top-of-the-line benefits, they’ll turn you.

  1. Smart Home Security System

Expand your portfolio as a whole-home expert with our Smart Home Security System. Installation is simple: just plug in the base station, mount the battery-operated cameras, place the door and window sensors, and help the homeowner connect it all through the app. That’s it. Monitoring is handled by the homeowner, so your job is complete. Learn more >

  1. Wi-Fi sensors

Motion sensors, access sensors, leak detectors — we’ve got it all. Now, no matter where they are, homeowners can detect issues before damage strikes. Learn more >

  1. Mesh Wi-Fi

Emerging technologies like Mesh Wi-Fi — routers that act like satelites to send the Wi-Fi signal throughout a home — enables you to bring connected devices into any nook and cranny, including the attic, garage, basement, and critical home systems behind the walls.

  1. 5G

Although 5G isn’t available everywhere, and release dates are different for different carriers, it may have an impact on smart home integration for those who use their cell phones as their primary device for connectivity. In the near term, 5G will most likely only serve as a complimentary service to a homeowner’s local area network, but it could have larger implications in the future.


Find a full list of all our partners on our Ecosystem Integration page.




* Communicates with T10 Pro RedLINK™ Room Sensors only (not compatible with other RedLINK accessories).

**Motion detection does not change programmed setpoints.