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Heating Season

3 universal heating solutions to help you do more with less inventory


When a homeowner’s heat source malfunctions in cold weather, it’s not just inconvenient; it can be downright dangerous. As a comfort pro, you can hear the desperation in the homeowner’s voice – “How fast can you get here?” “How soon can you have it fixed?” “Will I need to get a hotel room to keep my family warm tonight?”


Having the right parts at the right time can make all the difference – for homeowners and your business. Add to your reputation as a home comfort hero by using Honeywell products with universal compatibility, to bring a faster fix to HVAC repairs and emergencies while eliminating redundant parts and optimizing your inventory. Here are three must-have universal solutions with new enhancements to help you roll your truck with greater confidence this heating season.


Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control

This innovative device senses when ice is building up on the condensing unit and helps protect the heat pump from freezing, ensuring that homeowners stay toasty all winter long. It’s compatible with over 260 OEM and competitive controls, so you’re ready for any repair situation. And its small footprint makes installation easier, because you won’t have to relocate other internal components. Just replace and go. Learn more.


Glowfly® Pro Universal Hot Surface Igniter

Honeywell extended the length of the trusted Glowfly® igniter by .4”, to enable even more hot surface area to touch the gas stream – for faster, more reliable igniting. The Glowfly Pro is now made of tough silicon nitride for added durability, especially when maneuvering around tight burner designs. And it can replace more than 110 igniters from leading equipment manufacturers, so it’s reliable and versatile – just like you. Learn more.


Universal Integrated Furnace Control

The IFC is the brains of any HVAC system – managing ignition, monitoring safety parameters and ensuring air circulation in both extreme cold and stifling heat. In addition to supplanting over 200 OEM and competitive boards, the Honeywell IFC now features an extra wiring harness to make the installation experience even better and configuration even easier. Learn more.


Is your truck optimized for heating season? Discover all the ways Honeywell heating solutions can help you right-size your inventory and generate greater productivity.