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Dehumidification do-points: How to deliver the whole-home advantage

Written by Melissa Anthony

Summer is on the way, which means higher temperatures and humidity levels. The summer season can change the household comfort dynamic in a variety of ways, and excessive or imbalanced humidity could drive homeowners to you in search of relief. In this article, you’ll learn how to help homeowners address rising indoor humidity levels, and why Honeywell whole-house dehumidifier systems are the perfect solution.


Summer lifestyles elevate humidity levels.

For most households, summer is a season to be cherished – a chance to re-embrace the outdoors, tend that garden, grill dinner on the patio and, of course, take that family vacation. But there’s also a downside in terms of IAQ. Take the time to educate your homeowner customers on how their summer lifestyles can contribute to changing indoor humidity levels and transform their homes from cool and comfortable to sultry and sticky.

  • The in-and-out factor: With active families, it’s a fact of summer life that doors and windows get opened more often. That brings the season’s warm, moist air inside and makes it much more difficult to maintain the optimal IAQ homeowners want. Usually, the bigger and more active the family, the greater the discrepancy between actual versus ideal humidity levels.
  • Going, going, gone: Between summer vacations, kids’ sports activities and weekend excursions, many families are away from home for extended periods in the summer. And if they’re not around to manually monitor and manage humidity levels, condensation and mildew can quickly build up and damage windows and woodwork – creating costly repairs.
  • Out of balance: When it comes to air quality, a balanced home is a happier home. When sticky summer air invades, it can throw that balance out of whack and exacerbate moisture levels and mustiness in areas already prone to dampness, such as basements.


Honeywell’s whole-home comfort solutions: dehumidification done right.

Most homeowners know that portable, plug-in room dehumidifiers – which shut down when full and drive up their energy bills – won’t deliver the results or value they need. You can offer them a smarter, more holistic solution that delivers the consistency and balance that maximizes home comfort – in every room and on every level. Plus, they’ll never have to lug around those sloppy water buckets again. Recommend Honeywell’s Whole-House Dehumidifier Systems for:

  • Tailored comfort: Choose from 65-, 90- or 120-pint units, based on the size of the house and HVAC system, and explore options for zoned control, too.
  • Simple installation: Each unit can be centrally ducted with relative ease, to give homeowners whole-house dehumidification and unprecedented moisture control.
  • Energy savings: Each device is ENERGY STAR® certified, and using a whole-house dehumidifier allows homeowners to turn the thermostat up and run their AC less often – potentially reducing cooling bills.*
  • User-friendly control: Our wall-mounted HumidiPRO™ provides 24/7 “set it and forget it” humidification control, and it’s easy to wire, install and program. We also offer RedLINK™ technology solutions that enable control from remote locations.


As much as homeowners love getting outside in the summer, there’s also nothing like coming inside and being welcomed by drier and more comfortable air. You can be your customer’s home comfort hero all season long. Offer them the benefits of Honeywell Whole-House Dehumidifiers and stay up to date on our latest home-comfort insights and news on the Honeywell Pro Facebook page.



*ENERGY STAR® estimates that homeowners can save up to 6% on cooling costs for every degree the thermostat is turned up.

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