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How to eliminate the #1 ductless callback

Written by Melissa Anthony


Ductless technology, once a niche market, is continuing to gain traction in North America, driven in part by growing consumer interest in cost-conscious, environmentally friendly comfort.

Not only does ductless offer a whole host of benefits for homeowners, but it also provides advantages for contractors, too.

Most ductless systems install in a half-day, without much impact on the home or homeowner(s). And they’re versatile, allowing you to solve specific comfort challenges room by room versus addressing the entire house.


In short, ductless systems can be great for business. Until they’re not.


The most common callback about ductless systems is system operation. Which generally has nothing to do with the system itself, and everything to do with how it’s being used. How many times have you rolled a truck to spend two minutes explaining how to switch from “heat” mode to “cool” mode?

Those kinds of nuisance callbacks cost your business money, but they also start to create doubt and frustration for the homeowner around the investment they made in a ductless system. “For all the money I spent, this thing should just work,” they think – not realizing it’s usually not the system that’s the issue, but the system controller.


Here’s the problem with most ductless remotes and controllers: they’re terrible.


And here’s why: they work as designed, but not as expected. Most remotes have far more functionality than the average homeowner needs. The buttons aren’t intuitive (what does “powerful” mode even mean?) and the screens generally aren’t big enough.

Not to mention, the temperature differential between the set point and the actual temperature in the room is enough to drive a person crazy. Homeowners shouldn’t need a PhD to figure out how to achieve their optimal comfort level. 72 degrees should be 72 degrees – end of story.

If you sell and install ductless systems, you’re well aware of these challenges. How many times have you tried to explain the remote, only to see your customer’s eyes glaze over at the sight of 15 tiny buttons? Shouldn’t there be a better way? The answer is yes.


Here’s the solution: the new Honeywell D6 Pro Wi-Fi Ductless Controller.


Unlike remotes that are hard to read and even harder to operate, the new Honeywell D6 Pro Wi-Fi Ductless Controller is super-simple and streamlined. It looks (and works) like a thermostat, meaning it’s easy to install, easy to set up, and easy for homeowners to use.

Instead of muddling through 20 commands, homeowners can use the D6 Pro Controller for just two: adjusting the temperature and changing the mode. If they want to access additional functions, like fan control or scheduling, they can use the Honeywell Home app.

Best of all, the D6 Pro Controller has a built-in temperature sensor, meaning it detects temperature right where the homeowner is sitting or sleeping, not up at the head unit – so a set point of 72 will actually feel like 72.

In short: the D6 Pro Controller is designed to help eliminate the control-related callbacks that impact your profitability. So you can spend less time supporting your work and more time selling it.


Check out the D6 Pro Controller here: https://forwardthinking.resideo.com/D6Pro

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