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The easy way to diagnose (and solve) whole-home comfort issues



No matter where you do business, whole-home comfort issues can present homeowners with year-round challenges. Though, we like to think of them as opportunities.


According to a Decision Analyst survey, 50% of U.S. homeowners think their HVAC system could be improved. Their top concerns? Zoning, ventilation, humidification and dehumidification. In other words, whole-home comfort issues. That same survey revealed that 1 in 4 homeowners will buy a whole-home comfort solution if offered by a dealer. So, if you’re not offering, you could be leaving money on the table.


HVAC technicians are usually best positioned to have the whole-home comfort conversation with customers. They’re in the home, they know the equipment, and they can see first-hand where a whole-home comfort solution could add value. But here’s the tricky part. While most HVAC technicians are comfortable servicing the equipment, they aren’t so comfortable striking up a sales conversation with the homeowner. Which means your business could be missing out on more opportunities than you realize.


Now for the good news: we have a solution that can help bridge the gap. It’s a whole-home comfort quiz technicians can give to the homeowner before starting work on the equipment. With questions around hot and cold zones, moisture issues, and more, the quiz is designed to identify comfort issues homeowners might not realize they have (or can solve).


Once the homeowner finishes the quiz, there’s a section for whole-home comfort recommendations, where the technician (or a salesperson at a later date) can provide a Honeywell solution for the biggest problem areas. Having the quiz can serve as the door-opener, and can also guide the conversation, making the time spent with the homeowner as efficient as possible.


Here are just a few ways you can integrate the whole-home comfort quiz into your current workflow:

  • On a service or repair call: After explaining that optimizing whole-home comfort is the goal (in addition to making the requested repair), you can give the quiz to the homeowner and let them know someone else from the company will be following up with the quiz results at a later date.
  • On a seasonal maintenance visit: These visits are the perfect time to bring up whole-home comfort, as the homeowner already values your expertise as a comfort professional and expects your recommendations. You can use the quiz annually or seasonally and track the customer’s responses over time to ensure you’re continuing to optimize their comfort.
  • During a system change-out: This is a no-brainer opportunity to talk about whole-home comfort. The homeowner is already investing in a new system – why not help them get more out of it? You can easily piggyback on the equipment sale by explaining how a whole-home comfort solution can help with things such as particles and pollutants, or cost and energy savings.


The whole-home comfort quiz is available in an iPad-friendly PDF, or as a printable worksheet you can email or hand out. To download the quiz, visit the Whole-Home Comfort Solutions training page, click on “Homeowner Quiz” in the left-hand column, and download the format you need.

To learn more about Honeywell Whole-Home Comfort Solutions and the value they can add to customers’ homes and your company’s bottom line, visit the webpage.