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Meet the 1 Secret Weapon That’s an IAQ Game-Changer

Written by Melissa Anthony


Every HVAC business is subject to seasonal shifts. Service contracts are one way to help level out the spikes and slumps, but here’s another you may not have considered: positioning your techs as indoor air quality (IAQ) experts.

Here’s the best part: they don’t have to change anything about how they work today, thanks to an amazing tool called AirAdvice for Homes™.


IAQ issues = sales opportunities

Most techs focus on temperature. After all, they’re probably in the home to install or service the A/C or furnace. But they’re missing the most common IAQ issues, like particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and humidity.

80% of homes have 2 or more IAQ problems – and each of those problems represents an opportunity to provide a solution (and see some additional revenue). So, why not uncover those opportunities instead of walking by them?


Push a button, get a complete IAQ diagnosis

That’s where the AirAdvice for Homes system comes in. It’s a portable diagnostic tool that conducts an assessment of the home’s air quality and provides a homeowner-friendly report with recommendations and product suggestions.

Your techs can walk into the home, place the monitoring device in the most commonly used room, and then proceed with the service call. After 30 minutes, they’ll receive an email with a report they can share with the homeowner.

Download a sample AirAdvice report


Make the IAQ evaluation part of your process

Some techs are hesitant to offer up additional solutions because they don’t want to feel like they’re selling to the homeowner. The great part about the AirAdvice system is that you can make the IAQ evaluation a value-add, not a sales pitch.

Your techs can simply tell the homeowner that evaluating indoor air quality is a complementary part of the service, and that the report can help them make informed decisions about their family’s health and comfort.


Revenue: multiplied

Let’s say your techs do an average of 4 service calls per day, 250 days per year. That’s 1,000 opportunities to earn additional revenue by solving customer IAQ problems. And it’s as easy as plugging in a small machine.

According to a distributor study, contractors who didn’t use the AirAdvice system realized only 8% of their revenue from IAQ products. Contractors who did use the AirAdvice system saw their revenue from IAQ products jump to 43%. That’s a big return on a relatively small investment.


We’re proud to partner with AirAdvice for Homes to bring you better, smarter ways to drive revenue and build your business. AirAdvice monitors can be purchased through Honeywell using CPRO points. Just log in to ContractorPRO, click on “Redeem Points” and then click “Learn More About Co-Op”. The co-op opportunities, including AirAdvice, will populate on the page.

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